3 Tips On Junking Your Vehicle

Approximately 15 million motor vehicles come to the end of their operational life every year. You cannot repair them anymore. Thus the best option is to junk them.

Be aware of some precautions before contacting junk vehicle removal services. Here are a few pointers to help you in the process of junking your vehicle.

1. Remove Personal belongings

Cars are like a second home. Hence, it is common to have some of your belongings piled up inside.

After years of service, your vehicle may have a range of personal belongings, such as some pieces of jewelry and insurance cards. It is common to misplace these items in the storage compartments or under the seats. You should thoroughly search inside your car to recover and remove all your valuables.

Some areas to search include under the car seats, pockets behind the seats, pigeon holes, trunk, and storage compartments. Ensure you do not leave any personal belongings inside before handing the car to the junk vehicle removal service.

2. Detach the Vehicle's Valuable Parts

Most people aim to make as much money as possible from junking their vehicles. As such, identify all the valuable components and remove them before taking your car to the junkyard. You can remove them yourself or enlist the help of a mechanic.

Some car parts you can sell separately to rake in cash include:

  • Wheels
  • Alternators
  • Gas tank
  • Batteries
  • Entertainment system
  • Starter motors

However, if you remove the wheels, replace them with older tires because some junkyards will not buy a car that is not towable. Also, you should siphon gasoline if there is some left in the gas tank and fuel another vehicle or store it in a container away from any fire sources.

You can sell these parts to manufacturers for restoration or to drivers with a similar vehicle model.

3. Prepare Your Vehicle's Paperwork

Know the local laws and restrictions before disposing of your junk car. This information is available at the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some cases, showing legal paperwork is necessary before scraping. While in some other instances, you will not need the paperwork. It is advisable to have all your paperwork to allow a smooth transfer of ownership to the junk vehicle buyer. If you don't have them, your car may be underpriced.

A transfer of ownership will dissociate you from unforeseen liabilities and duties concerning the car. The DMV assists you in getting another one at their local offices if you misplaced your car title. Some junk car buyers will not need a title if the car is of a certain age. 

For more info about junk car removal, contact a local company. 

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